Timp liber

Se pare că am avut vreo 10 minute disponibile în week-end. Iată ce am făcut cu ele:

Inkblot Rorschach Test Psychological Personality Results

 Rorschach test cards

The 10 responses you gave to your Rorschach Inkblot Test;

  • Inkblot Plate #1:  a moth
  • Inkblot Plate #2:  two persons with red hats at a coffee table
  • Inkblot Plate #3:  a bow tie, two waiters picking up something
  • Inkblot Plate #4:  an ugly moth
  • Inkblot Plate #5:  a bat
  • Inkblot Plate #6:  a dragonfly leaving a leaf
  • Inkblot Plate #7:  a vase; two spanish ladies with traditional hair pieces
  • Inkblot Plate #8:  a toracic cage (with organs arranged by colours)
  • Inkblot Plate #9:  two sea horses on sea weed
  • Inkblot Plate #10:  The Eiffel Tower; two pink caterpillars; blue and flowers

Based on your answers to your Rorschach Inkblot Test;

  • If you were to write and direct a remake of one of the best movies of all time it would be based on: High Noon (1952).
  • You’ll soon be asked to choose a super-sensitive and secret password and would be highly advised against using: abc123

  • If ever told that you had one week left to live you should seriously consider traveling here for your final days: Ayers Rock, Australian Outback.

  • Something very near and dear to you contains the color: forest green.

  • Nature has a curious way about herself and if you were a flower you would be a: Begonia.

  • If you were to be a great world leader then your strong personality traits would most resemble that of: Benito Mussolini.

  • If you were of a criminal mind you would most likely commit the following offense: Fraud.

  • A possible impulse-control disorder that you could be suffering from now or in the past is: Dermatillomania (skin-picking).

  • You decide one day that you’re going to the bookstore to find an out-of-print book so you look for a copy of: “In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting” by Ray Garton.

  • A terrible crime has occurred in your hometown and the evidence points directly at you so you: Turn yourself in and let the justice system decide your eventual fate.

Damn! Unele din alegerile celor care au făcut testul și au dat rezultatele sunt mai mult decât ciudate!



One comment

  1. E tare interesant Testul Rorschach! Cand eram novice intr-ale serialelor de profil, cand am auzit prima data de asa ceva, m-a intrigat mai mult decat Triunghiul Bermudelor.

    Liked by 1 person

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